This part of the list is purely lifestyle based. You will find things here that are uncharacturistic for me. Stuff that I would have no intention of doing unless it was on my list. Here goes it could be a life changing list!

1. Collect vinyls

2. Watch a live football game

3. Watch a live rugby game

4. Become an influencer

5. Speak publicly

6. Learn 8 new recipes in a month

7. Go for a walk everyday for a month

8. Find a random group of people to get drunk with

9. Give to a family who's needs are greater than mine

10. Grow a good beard

11. In and outs for one month

12. Drink water only for one month

13. Do triathlon

14. Practice ju jitsu

15. Help someone is desperate need

16. Run a Ultra-marathon

17. Volunteer on Christmas day

18. Make an old friend

19. Write a poem

20. Build something from scratch

21. Hang my own painting


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