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Nacho's, what nacho's?

It was Sunday evening and as with most evenings I was contributing to the concerning but perfect dent in our sofa. Watching a film feeling particularly proud that I can multitask by dipping a nacho into sauce, breathe and watch a film at the same time. This is the moment I realised I need to get my life back on track. I mean surely, I’m worth more to my children, myself, my girlfriend and indeed the world than this?

I started to daydream about when I was being the best version of me and what that looked like. Trust me it looked far from what I do now. I’m not saying I’m massively overweight, unhealthy physically or mentally. I’ve been in worse positions but I’m certainly not on top form. The question is what am I going to do about it?

Well unfortunately for my girlfriend she was very quick to find out. I set a plan in motion. The following evening, I went to see Karen (the girlfriend) practically skidded into the parking space, kicked in the front door and she could barely say hello before I explained my plan in full detail. I was like a raver who had taken some back-alley medication and naturally verbal diarrhoea consuming anyone who listens (“I love you man” being the most used sentence). As with everything I suggest to Karen she is very supportive and encouraging, I knew I would get a positive response. So that’s the premise for why I’m starting my blog again. I started my Bucket List a long time ago and I found that it helped me be accountable for my goals which in turn kept me motivated.

My first goal is to set this page up again and get things rolling. I hope to blog often keeping it light in places but perhaps heavier in others. I’m going to write from the heart, be honest with myself, with you the readers and do what I can to make it fun for everybody.

I have a few bucket list ideas from before but will be adding more very soon. If there’s anything you would like to see me do, please comment with any suggestions to add.


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